Aug 30, 2017
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Has anyone recently been having problems with PTCAS? They have not verified one of my transcripts when I know I sent it correctly on August 8th the day my summer grades were posted (and my other transcript from my other university was received just fine). I called Customer Service on the 23rd of last week and they told me to call back the 25th if my script still wasn't posted by then. It wasn't, so I tried calling back Friday, Monday, Tuesday, and today (Wednesday) and the line was busy ALL DAY, quite literally all day. I have tried calling multiple times between regular hours 9 am to 6 pm and each time I cannot get through to customer service. I have called at least 15 times per day at intervals and I still get the busy tone every single time. The e-mail I sent to [email protected] was not replied to and I am losing my mind trying to sort this out.

I submitted my transcript 22 days ago and it still isn't posted which means my application still cannot be verified, and I have October 2nd deadlines for 3 of my schools. Is anyone else having issues or have any advice on what my next step should be? I am afraid of missing deadlines.
Jun 6, 2017
PTCAS should receive your transcript within 3-7 business days once you send it.
Sounds like you sent your transcript in a paper format. Did you instruct your registrar to attach PTCAS transcript request form?
You still have about a month, so don't freak out too much.
If PTCAS keeps denying your call or email, just have your registrar to send another one with a correct form. (Explain them that the receiver did not get the transcript first round). In the meantime, keep calling PTCAS.

It's quite strange, because they were pretty responsive every time I called in.
Hope you solve the problem!
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