1. H

    Dismissed from DPT program. Chances and Tips for getting into another program?

    Hello everyone, I was dismissed from my DPT program because of my mental health issues (Social Anxiety stemming from a birth defect). I tried to juggle bettering my mental health issues at the same time of being a DPT student, but I bit off more than I could chew and was dismissed from my...
  2. T

    Rec Letter Mistake

    So I've been reapplying and I submitted my three letters to all of my schools. The problem is, for the letter from my undergrad councilor, I forgot to connect it to the school when making the form on AMCAS, and I didn't realize this until I looked at the rec letter status on one of my...
  3. D

    DO application date, and chances of acceptance based on stats, help on school list as well

    So, at the moment I am an Early Decision Applicant for an MD school, with the following stats Major - Biomedical Engineering at Rutgers cGPA: 3.83 sGPA: 3.82 MCAT 1: 129/125/128/128 510 MCAT 2: 130/127/127/127 511 this is my concern, I retook, and dropped on B/B and P/S ORM Asian Research...
  4. throwabanana24

    Chance me - ortho or dual apply?

    Good morning everyone, I'm in the process of trying to figure out my plans for next year while I have some time. I just got my step 2 score back and I'm in the 248-252 range. I'm currently in a gap research year in an orthopedics program and I'm anticipating around 17+ research items (both...
  5. C

    Feedback/advice on my stats thus far

    Hi there! I am a PA resident and incoming sophomore at the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg. I was just wondering if I could get any feedback/advice on what I have completed so far in my journey towards veterinary school. I have always had very big dreams of becoming a...
  6. A

    Does is matter when I take A&P?

    I’m transferring and want to take my schools Morphology and Function Honors classes, because I feel they will look better. Currently, I’m going into my Junior year. I have to take O Chem 2 this semester before I can sign up for them. This means I can take A&P1 in the spring and A&P 2 next Fall...
  7. S

    Nontraditional, Caribbean Med School (AUC) or Law School?

    Hello, please don't just reply IMG bad. I am aware, there is no IMG I would consider except for AUC as the class sizes are not insane and they seem to accept candidates who have a decent chance of succeeding and don't see us as a walking dollar sign (compared to the others, they obviously still...
  8. tropicalcatfish

    Will 2nd Quartile hurt my chances?

    Hi all, this is my second ever time doing the Casper test and unfortunately, this time I scored 2nd quartile. I found the prompts difficult and hard to follow so I'm not surprised I scored the way I did. Right now I'm worrying about how it will look on my application. My GPA isn't the greatest...
  9. P

    secondary essay feedback?

    would any admitted students be able to provide feedback to 3-4 core secondary essays?
  10. thev3lv3tunderground

    WAMC/School list help, 510 MCAT

    GPA: ~3.8 sGPA: ~3.65 Major(s): Double major, one is a STEM degree and one is a Liberal Arts ... from an R1 school MCAT: 510 (125/129/126/130) Lives: In the Midwest ORM/URM: white, female Clinical Experience: ~ 1000 hours working with adults with disabilities, post-grad job working in a...
  11. oma33

    WAMC/ DO,MD School list/ 3.8 GPA, 3.8sGPA, 499 mcat

    1. 3.8 GPA and sGPA guestimate, but around there. 2. 499, 127,122,124,126, I'm shook by the 124 for bb as I was bio major with biochem minor, lowest fl for bb was 126 3. Massachusetts resident 4. Middle Eastern, Iraq, speak Arabic and English, first generation, immigrant 5. UMASS AMHERST...
  12. swimminginconfidence

    Is it truly over? A desperate question from a foreign medical student

    Here's where I'm at right now, I'm a 2nd year medical student from Ethiopia , I failed my first preclinical year of med school twice...well failed once and withdrew once(which means no grades on the second attempt)....I passed on my third attempt(with a C in anatomy but B in everything else)...
  13. Koboroko

    WAMC/Help with school list: UCLA undergrad cGPA 3.29, sGPA 3.18, MCAT 524

    Was struggling in undergrad due to depression / undiagnosed ADHD and two terminally ill family members, GPA definitely shows it. That being said, crushed the MCAT while working full-time, 100% confident I can succeed in med school. Having a really hard time constructing a school list though...
  14. M

    Need advice…am I doing this right?

    Hello all! It’s safe to say that I’m at a bit of a crossroads right now, and looking for some solid guidance. I’m 28yrs old, and graduated with my bachelors about five years ago. Bombed my first year of undergrad, and when I say bomb, I mean flat out failed most courses that first year. Took a...
  15. M

    Paramedic applying 2024 cycle with Biology B.S. (3.1), Physiology M.S. (3.7), MCAT 507

    Applying 2024 cycle and I‘m concerned paramedic program academics would hinder my application. I complete the program in June 2023 and will be accredited an associates degree along with my paramedic ALS certification with a gpa approx 3.2. Though nowhere near as rigorous as my pervious schooling...
  16. J

    Need Help ASAP: DMU vs. RVUCOM-CO

    Hi Everyone :) I was fortunate enough to be accepted into DMU and RVUCOM-CO, and I'm having trouble weighing my options. I will be going the military route to pay for school, so the price isn't as big a deal as setting myself up to specialize competitively. Any thoughts and insights would be...
  17. M

    NC Sterilization /Infection Control Board Exam

    Has anyone recently taken the North Carolina sterilization exam online and passed? I'll be taking it soon for licensure by credentialing and was wondering If you have any tips/info that would be helpful. The Board itself doesn't seem to be very helpful. Thanks!
  18. R

    2024 cycle or 2025 cycle

    Hello, I am currently trying to figure out my time line and Im not sure if i should apply for the 2024 cycle or the 2025 cycle. When I entered college in 2020, The only reqs I got done where BIO and Math for the first two years. I was going to do chemistry but i could not get into any of the...
  19. PlumPoppy

    VMCAS Questions and Rants c/o 2027

    I haven't seen a thread for this application cycle yet, so I figured I'd start one! 3rd time starting the application, but my first time applying! Super excited but nervous. I have this burning question in my mind, and I haven't seen any answers on here or school websites. Does anyone know how...
  20. T

    Should I take labs or lecture only DIY Postbacc

    I'm starting a DIY postbacc this year, looking to mostly take upper level bios as I already did all the basic prereqs during my first undergrad and got a C or higher. My question is should I take the labs with these upper level bio courses, or just stick with the lectures (the classes are all...
  21. evagria

    Nursing student to MD/DO. Not sure what to do.

    Hi all! Glad I found this website/forum because I was having no luck getting any constructive feedback anywhere else so I’m hoping the feedback is better here. I am a 29 year old senior nursing student in an ADN program. I’ve always wanted to do medicine, even in high school but a string of...
  22. D

    WAMC/School list (515 high MCAT mid GPA URM)

    3.42 CGPA, 3.07 AMCAS sGPA, 3.45 AACOMAS GPA MCAT (first attempt): 516 (127/128/130/131) 3. State of residence: Washington (I spend a lot of time in North Carolina as well) 4. Ethnicity/Race: Black (Horn/East African) 5. Clinical Experience: 105 hours hospital volunteering...
  23. Gareen

    High MCAT meh GPA URM; What schools should I be applying to?

    Ok. I’m a low SES URM (AA), 3.6 CGPA 3.4 CGPA in an IT degree. 80 shadowing hours, 250 hrs volunteering in a clinical setting, and 300+ volunteering nonclinical over the last 4 years. (I initially started undergrad with a much harder degree, so I ended up getting C-‘s and D’s in a few...
  24. S

    Apply this cycle and risk being a reapplicant next cycle?

    Hi everyone. I recently took 1 AAMC practice test and it was a 498 (123/123/126/126). I’m on the AAMC financial assistance package so the only FLs I have are those. I know they’re super important and have been trying to not use them until the last month, but I don’t want to waste anymore with a...
  25. frans_

    What are my chances?

    I have taken the DAT twice. I completely bombed it the first time with a 16AA, I just retook it and got a 18 AA. This was surprising, I thought I would score a lot higher, I'm unsure of what happened because I felt prepared this time. However, my lowest scores are 16 in QR and 16 in GC. When I...
  26. A

    WAMC/MD Should I apply this cycle?: International student, MCAT pending, 3.5 gpa

    cGPA = 3.54, sGPA = 3.4 (double major: Cell and Molecular biology & Sociology) MCAT PENDING. practice score(s) and breakdown: total: 519, C/P= 129, CARS=129, B/B= 131, P/S= 130 Country of citizenship: India Race/ Ethnicity: South Asian (Indian) Undergraduate institution: Tulane University...
  27. mrs3424

    need advice ... retaking MCAT

    hi I'm very new to this forum so I'm not really sure how it works completely but I need some advice. I applied last cycle to a handful of schools and didn't get in anywhere (no interviews either), with a 505 MCAT. I know my score was on the lower side, but I also think one of my biggest problems...
  28. J

    What should I be doing right now

    If someone, like me for example, knows the specialty they want to match into, what should they be doing right now as a premed to give them a higher chance at matching? I heard that there are people who have been preparing for the specialty they want to match into since high school and because of...
  29. HappyPerson

    LOR question

    Hello! I have quite a few letter of recommendations from professors and MD's and DO doctors. I have around 8 total, I was really good at networking with my professors and the doctors I worked under for a few years. My question is, what is a polite way to ask a former professor if the letter...
  30. F

    Premed office at my school useless, need advice.

    So to sum it up briefly, the premed offices in my school are pretty useless and I need some help. I'm a senior however due to me switching majors I'm going to graduate a semester late. One of the main reasons for the switch was I was previously an engineering major and my sophmore year I took...
  31. sushi pink

    Finding Schools with Zoo Med Programs

    Hello everyone! I am applying for the second time and wanted to apply to as many schools as I can with good programs in what I am interested in studying (zoo/wildlife/conservation medicine). I am from Florida so I am going to apply to UF and I was thinking of also applying to UC Davis and NC...
  32. Alessandra20

    Studying before pharmacy school?

    Hey everyone! I start pharmacy school at wayne state this fall and i’ve been getting a lot of mixed opinions on what to do before i start. Some people have told me to make sure i have a stern foundation in orgo/genchem/biochem or else I will struggle a lot. Other people told me that they...
  33. Alessandra20

    i’m scared for pharmacy school :’)

    Hello everyone! after years of anxiety on whether or not i’ll go to pharmacy school i can say now that my anxiety has shifted on whether or not i will survive so i could really use advice or just setting the record straight i start this coming fall’22 and i’m probably over thinking things but i...
  34. SantYagami

    Help with 4 month MCAT study plan

    Hey guys, I am a current Junior that is planning on taking the MCAT August 27th. My semester ends June 11th and I want to begin studying within the next couple of days as I am approaching the 4 month remaining time mark. The goal is to study as much as possible while balancing somewhat...
  35. D

    Should I choose WashU undergrad or Northwestern undergrad if I want to get into a top medical school (so maintain a high GPA)?

    Hello. Recently, I was admitted into WashU and Northwestern for undergrad. While I am grateful for these amazing schools, I also would like to know where I should go to get in a top medical school. Please let me know what you all think. Btw, the costs are similar for both.
  36. A

    Stony Brook University vs HOFSTRA vs St. John’s University (Queens)

    So I’m currently a senior going into college next year and well, please help me out. I can’t decide on a college to commit to so I’ll list the pros and cons. Any feed back is helpful !!! Also, which one would you say has the better science program for med school? Stony Brook U Major: Biology...
  37. D

    Complete Suspended / kicked out of optometry school. How can I redeem myself and get into another institution?

    Hello. I probably should've come here instead of going to the regular thread. To preface, I flunked out of optometry school after the first-year Fall Semester. I failed a lecture and lab (Optics and Clinic I), appealed the ruling and was struck down by the academic committee. I wanted to...
  38. D

    Chance at getting into another school after suspension / dismissal

    Hello. As explained in another thread, I was dismissed from optometry school at the end of my 1st Year Fall Semester for academic reasons - failed one lab and lecture. I attempted to appeal and that fell through - the committee upheld my suspension. I was wondering how likely it could be to...
  39. Irene Mariam

    Forensic science as pre med

    I'm planning on choosing BSc Forensics as my premed in Canada. Do you think there's any scope for it there in case I don't get into med school? Will a Masters in Forensics help me land a stable job with a stable income?
  40. F

    I’d love some advice on my next step

    Hey all, Non trad mom here! I’m graduating with my bachelors this May, likely with a 3.6 gpa . However, due to my academic past (esp grades 7-10 years ago) , my gpa for applications are 3.018. My trend is upward, but I do have a mixture of Bs and As. My extracurriculars need strength as well...