Problems with transcripts??

Discussion in 'Medical Students - MD' started by primetime, Aug 29, 2000.

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    Feb 2, 2000
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    Hey Guys,
    Has anyone had problems with transcripts? I did everything I could to get my AMCAS and AACOMAS apps in early, to find out that after almost 6 weeks AMCAS does not have my transcripts. I put request forms for each service in the same envelop with proper fees and somehow transcripts were only sent to AACOMAS. I've put a rush on things to go to AMCAS, but have my chances of gettin in been ruined. I'm just soooooooooo upset because I was really on the ball, and then something like this happens. Anyone have any insight in this. I'm really freaking out over how my chances have decreased so late in the process. I thought I would be getting offers for interviews by now.
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  3. If it makes you feel any better, I haven't even sent in my AMCAS application yet. The initial one. I wonder how many people there are out there like me right now, I bet I'm probably the only one who hasn't sent in their AMCAS application yet. Heh. It's going out on Sept. 1st. For sure, I promised myself. No matter what, even if I'm not satisfied with the statement, (besides, it's got to be good by now.) Anyway, I don't know about your chances, but I'm in the same boat. I once heard a saying that went: "Happiness is grown by sharing, and unhappiness is diminished by sharing." Something like that.

  4. tonem

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    Sep 13, 1999
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    No it's not too late. My AMCAS application wasn't complete until some time in October because of transcript (and AMCAS) problems. It slowed me down but it didn't stop me. I didn't interview until Feb but I still got in. Good luck and hopefully you have better luck than I did. (you should..I think long delays are more the exception than the rule)
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    Aug 29, 2000
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    OK, I just have to tell you that I am so glad someone else is as late as me! I just sent in AMCAS last week (after about a month of "perfecting" my personal statement) and I still need to finish Columbia and's nice to know that I still have a shot (thanks tonem) and that I'm not alone...but maybe now I should go work on my applications instead of distracting myself on this website like I've been doing all summer...
  6. Hey tonem, what were your stats? If you don't mind sharing them? I've heard that like, you have to have a 3.9+ and a 35+ MCAT to apply this late. Do your stats approximate those? Just a question, I wonder if I should cut down on the number of schools (26) because I'm so late in applying? Hmm. Enlighten me.

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