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Nov 19, 2013
    I realize that some schools will process each persons application and interview process with varying times before they inform the applicant of their decision. My question is what can you do if you get accepted by one school that gives you a set time to reply, but want to hear back from a different school before you make your decision? Do you accept the offer then drop it later? Ask for an extension? Or just take the chance of accepting/declining the offer?

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      Why not send in the deposit to reserve your seat? That way, if you hear back from the other school, you can send the required deposit there and start in the fall. As for the first school, they should refund your deposit, but in the worst case scenario you lose a few hundred for the school you prefer going to.

      I hope you are waiting to hear back from a school that gives you instate tuition or something. When it comes to optometry school, you probably want to attend the one that will cost you less overall.


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        I remember asking for an extension, and that gave me about another week or two to decide on the school.

        If you need more than that amount of time to consider (or you scheduled interviews much further apart), definitely put in the amount to reserve your seat. Most schools end up refunding the majority of your money, but policies vary.
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        Oct 22, 2013
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          I am in the same situation as you are right now. Most of the schools have offered to extend the deadline for 1-2 weeks. If your other interviews fall after that, I would say put a deposit down on at least one school so that you have a guaranteed Fall 2014 admission. However, most of the acceptance letters that I have received have also stated that their deposits are non-refundable, ranging between $500-$1000. I would definitely double-check with the school before sending a check so that you have some idea of what your specific situation will look like!
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