Professional Transcript Entry PLEASE PLEASE HELP

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Nov 9, 2014
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Hi, I signed up for professional transcript service because I am a Canadian student and wanted my transcripts to be inputted properly without a problem. However, I did not know that I couldn't enter planned courses until after. Would I be able to enter them after, once they are done professionally editing them? Or should I just email all the schools with my planned courses? Please let me know, I am very panicked at the moment!

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Just ask them by email or call them tomorrow. Unless you submitted the application for verification, then it isn't a big deal.
Okay, I was planning on submitting my application today but I will wait until tomorrow! Thank you
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What happened with this?? I jsut had the same thing happen and was told there was no way to fix it. :(
I did the same thing way earlier, they said the planned courses shouldnt matter and that there are future dates when you can send updates and to do it then. I couldnt get them to add anything but if you call, maybe they'll do it for you as they seem to be changing things as the cycle goes on.
Also if the payment didnt go through, I know you can usually cancle the service, update amd sign up again as well. Once the payment goes through, then you have to wait. Also professional transcript entry is not error free so definitely recheck your grades and info when its done. I had 4 mistakes but if you call, theyll fix them pretty quickly, at least for me they did.
I regret using this service SOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH! They advertise it as a time saver, its most definitely not a time saver.

UNDERSTAND: The entry service does NOT begin until your application is submitted, payment is received, AND all required transcripts are posted, at which point it may take up to ten (10) business days to complete the service. Your application is NOT entered into the verification queue until your coursework entry is approved, at which point your application goes to the end of the verification line where it may take up to an additional four weeks to be verified.

I do not need 10 days to enter letters into boxes. This service basically delays your application processing from 4 weeks to 6 weeks.