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Sep 12, 2012
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Okay - I paid to have my transcripts entered professionally so that no errors are made. However, I didn't realize that a class I am currently enrolled in - which is a prerequisite for many schools - is not included on my transcript. Duh, I know. I contacted AACOMAS to see if they could add that class and they told me "no, sorry." I either have to wait until September until application update - at which point my application would be delayed significantly - or I can cancel the professional transcript entry (with NO refund), enter that one single measly current class myself, and then RE-PURCHASE professional transcript entry.

So - fair warning guys - don't do professional entry unless you're 100% certain you're ready. :( I'm so upset.

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That's such bull....yea I didn't trust that stuff, I knew they would f something up. Sorry it's setting you back....
It's such a bummer! I debated even selecting it but I chose to do it because I work FT and don't have a lot of time to tediously enter classes and I didn't want my application to be delayed. Now it's been such a headache. :/ That's what I get for being lazy I guess! If you want something done right...