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Jun 30, 2023
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Hello everyone, I plan on applying this cycle and my application has been completed for over two weeks besides this one major issue which has prevented me from submitting.

I completed a Paramedic program under a big hospital system in my area last year. This hospital system has a huge umbrella and incorporates a Medical school, PA programs, Nursing programs and much more. The Paramedic program was marketed on their website that I would receive college credit and obtain national registry (which requires school accreditation). The program specifically stated that I would receive over 40 semester hours in the "lower division baccalaureate/associate degree category, or in the upper division baccalaureate degree category." Fast forward to attempting to receive my official and unofficial transcripts which took 8 weeks of being stonewalled through emails, phone calls, and eventually showing up in person. I finally receive the unofficial transcript yesterday and find out that AACOMAS will not accept any of the credits nor the gpa.

Apparently, none of these college credits are considered real as the "institute" does not have institutional accreditation (college/ university) and only has program accreditation. No where was it ever stated or mentioned that this was merely a certificate program and not truly for college credits. It is also not mentioned that this program has no affiliation with the undergraduate college or medical school that the hospital system is associated with. The entire purpose for choosing an accredited program with college credits was to hopefully improve my gpa (I obtained a 3.7 during the Paramedic program). Even if I could technically put in a request with another college to see if they will accept the credits, I highly doubt my gpa would transfer.

AACOMAS helpline did not offer any help and kept telling me that my 15 month Paramedic Program was merely a CME/ CEC. Maybe the definition that I am used to working in EMS is very different than AACOMAS but a training credit is not the same as 1600 hours of ambulance and hospital (ER, pediatrics, SICU, MICU, OR, L&D) hands on intubating, sedating, IVs, IOs, pushing medication and making decisions in the field.

AACOMAS already took off the College Attended section and removed the official transcript that was sent in. I've looked into a few options but everyone keeps telling me that I should go to court for false advertising or something (not a lawyer here). Frankly, I have no intention of doing this as I am close friends with the day-to-day instructors (not management) and also fear for the repercussions against me in the small EMS community. I truly only care about getting into a medical school and am just looking for any options or advice that anyone here has. I really need this to count towards my GPA since my uGPA was below average for the schools I'd like to apply to. Thank you to anyone who took the time to read this and happy 4th of July!

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I am afraid there is very little anybody here can do for you. If AACOMAS has said your school is not a recognized institution, they are not going to count your grades. Any potential resolution to this would have to involve you contacting AACOMAS again.
Were these credits transferred to your undergraduate transcript? I'm wondering where the conflict is. I agree with the AACOMAS rules that your courses were not taken at an appropriate accredited institution and could be more like CME or EMT certification. I also don't know why this is so important to count it on your GPA (this is AACOMAS. not AMCAS, right?). There is no benefit going to court on this; you haven't shown how you were harmed. You are able to be a paramedic, right?

A lot of medical school applicants have done similar programs. Unless it came from a community college, we don't see or recognize them in a transcript usually. They don't count as BCPM courses (health science usually) so they don't affect our perception of your application.

I am sorry you didn't have advisors available to tell you how those credits aren't eligible for GPA calculation. If you worked as a paramedic, most understand the intense training involved for it. Maybe if you applied for nursing or PA programs (need to check their transcripts rules) it might be accepted, but don't think your experience will not be looked at.
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