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Jan 30, 2005
    Idiopathic said:
    Your advice would have been more helpful about 3 weeks ago, no? Now (3 days post-match), it's just mean, for whoever matched there.

    My advice wasn't meant to be mean. I did not know of this forum until today. It is meant to help 3rd years considering NS now.
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    Jul 18, 2002
      "Loyola in Chicago is a horrible program. They have fired 3 residents in the last 6 years and 2 more left willingly. This is the definition of malignant."

      This a factoid often attributed to U Chicago, but to correct you, U Chicago has had two residents dismissed over the past few years for what most understand are appropriate reasons. Furthermore, U Chicago is a good program with an excellent chair, perhaps tough, but what NS program isnt? All of the last 9 Loyola NS residents matched at Loyola and are still there. You are unwise, retinadoc (are you ophtho or something?), to be advising future applicants not to apply there.


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      Mar 10, 2003
      The solid state
        retinadoc said:
        I call it like I see it ecpiii. In no other specialty in medicine do you have to routinely worry about losing your job.

        Retinadoc, what did those people get fired for? And what about the people who decided to leave? Firing people doesn't make the program bad if they were fired for good reasons. Also, saying the chairman is unstable is very, very subjective. What is unstable about him? I'm unconvinced that Loyola has a horrible program.
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