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Jan 27, 2010
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So for clarification purposes, you want traditional Masters programs? Not SMPs correct? Since you have such a strong sGPA, boosting the GPA even graduate GPA isn't what you're looking for but to simply obtain a Masters in something? Or am I completely off base here?


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Oct 30, 2006
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Your adviser is probably as good as most: not very good. If your cumulative overall and science GPAs are strong, then more academics doesn't change your app. If your MCAT isn't competitive, then retaking the MCAT can save you at least $25k vs. a grad program. Did you apply early (June)? Did you apply broadly (10-50 schools)?

To answer your question, I can't help you with deadlines, but here's a list of app enhancers (not SMPs) from the GPA enhancement sticky:
Barry - Master of Science in Biomedical Science Miami Shores, FL
Colorado State U - Masters B (MS-B) - Biomedical Science Fort Collins, CO
Columbia - Master of Science Program in Nutrition New York, NY
Commonwealth - Master’s degree in Biomedical Science Scranton, PA
Dartmouth (TDI) - Dartmouth Institute’s Master of Science Hanover, NH
Drexel MSP - Medical Science Preparatory (MSP) certificate program Philadelphia, PA
Edward Via Virginia (VCOM) - Post-Baccalaureate Program Blacksburg, VA
Florida Atlantic - Master's Degree in Biomedical Science Boca Raton, FL
Georgetown CAM - Masters of Science in Physiology Complementary and Alternative Medicine Track Washington, DC
Indiana / Purdue (IUPUI) - The Pre-Professional Non-ThesisMaster of Science Degree Indianapolis, IN
Johns Hopkins (Bloomberg) - Master of Health Science (MHS) Baltimore, MD
Kansas City (KCUMB) - Master of Science in Biomedical Sciences (One Year) Kansas City, MO
Lake Erie College (LECOM) - Biomedical Science Program Leading to a Master of Science Degree Erie, PA
Loyola Chicago - M.A. in Medical Sciences Chicago, IL
Marshall - Medical School Preparatory Graduate Program Huntington, WV
Midwestern (AZCOM) - Master of Arts in Biomedical Science Glendale, AZ
Midwestern (CCOM) - Master of Biomedical Sciences (M.B.S.) Downers Grove, IL
Mississippi College - Master of Science in Biology (MS - Medical Sciences) Clinton, MS
Mt. Sinai School of Med (MSBS) - Master of Science program in Biomedical Sciences New York, NY
Mt. Sinai School of Med (Prep-Med) - Post-Baccalaureate Research Education Program for Medicine New York, NY
Nova Southeastern (NSUCOM) - Master of Biomedical Sciences Davie, FL
Philadelphia College (PCOM) - Graduate Programs in Biomedical Sciences Philadelphia, PA
Philadelphia College (PCOM-GA) - Graduate Programs in Biomedical Sciences - Georgia Campus Atlanta, GA
Rush - Master's Program in Biotechnology Chicago, IL
SUNY Buffalo (Roswell Park) - Interdisciplinary Program in the Biomedical and Natural Sciences Buffalo, NY
Touro College Harlem - Master of Science Interdisciplinary Studies in Biological and Physical Sciences New York, NY
Tulane Cell/Mol Biology - One Year Masters Program in Cell and Molecular Biology New Orleans, LA
Tulane Genetics - Master of Biomedical Science Degree with a concentration in Human Genetics New Orleans, LA
Tulane Pharmacology - Master of Science in Pharmacology New Orleans, LA
U of Med & Dent New Jersey Stratford - Masters of Biomedical Science Stratford, NJ
U of North Texas (TCOM) - Master of Science Degree in Medical Sciences Fort Worth, TX
U of South Carolina - Certificate of Graduate Study, Biomedical Sciences Columbia, SC
U of South Florida 1 Year Masters - One-Year Medical Science Masters Tampa, FL
Wayne State - The Master's of Science in Basic Medical Sciences (BMS) Program Detroit, MI

Best of luck to you.


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Mar 18, 2008
Have you considered non-academic programs?

Since your numbers are good, maybe spend the gap year doing research, community service, or get a job. If you like research, look up the NIH IRTA program--paid research for college grads.