Pros and Perio of WREB

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Apr 23, 2006
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Hey people!!
I have been out of school for a while and have to take the WREB in June. Any suggestions about how to go about the pros and perio part of the exam. Is there any study material out there for that. Would appreciate any help!!

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50 questions pertaining to one patient. You can access the manual on the screen so dont bother memorizing calculating CAL, furcation, classification of perio, etc. I did and it was uneccesary. They ask you a lot about CAL, furcation, degree of perio. Know how smoking and diabetes affects perio. those are biggies. Know the ASA classifications. Know how to diagnose calculuson xrays, when to refer for surgery, Be able to tell condiiton of gingiva (ie. blunting, hyperplasia, etc and what causes them). Know when to recall patient. Know what PSR and be able to determine what score patient has.

A bit more difficult.
Fixed- Evaluate crown preps and tell whats wrong with them. Know ideal preparations for different crowns. Know that you neverplace bevelon all ceramic crown. Know the types of burs used for crown prep (ie. chamfer bur, etc)
Implants- Know about overdentures and if theyre tissue implant supported or implant supported. Know if adding implant to distal extension rpd retention would be enhanced. Know what theyre made of and how to prevent failure.
Know Kennedy classification, indirect retainers, when to use combination clasps, order of adjustments, altered cast impression and when its done, how to mount, type of articulator used, Evaluate frameworks. Know criteria for lingual bar and A-P plate (6 mm from margin and why).

How to mount and adjust on delivery. Evaluate impressions, Know about sounds and how to correct if deficient (F, V, TH, S). KNow problems with excessive or inadequate VDO, Know about fatique fractures and causes. Advantages and disadv or acrylic and porcelain teeth. Be able to tell interferences in setups. KNow Class1, II oclussion, etc.

Hope this helps