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Aug 14, 2006
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I have a research heavy background that I think will come through in my AMCAS application. I have publications, abstracts and posters. I also have many semesters of research. Do you think it would be better then to focus my personal statement on something less science-y, like some experience I had volunteering in a hospital. My feeling is that this would humanize my application while retaining my research strengths. You opinion is appreciated.


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Nov 28, 2006
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Focus on unique experiences. You probably didn't discover you wanted to be a doctor while you were running a gel. :p

I would say Hospital experiences are a bit cliched as well. I mentioned my clinical volunteering experience briefly in my PS but spent most of my essay talking about more unique interests and how they tied into my interest in medicine.

Critical Mass

I wouldn't use a lot of essay space talking about bench research or it will look like you are better suited for a Ph.D. program. Instead focus on the reasons why you want to be a physician.
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