PSA: If you're a non-trad working in STEM, check whether your work has a tuition assistance program


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Dec 4, 2014
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I just got the green light from my HR that they will sponsor the A&P sequence I still need to take. I need to receive above a C (submit grades and receipts upon course completion) to get 85% of tuition paid for.

Long story short, UC Denver told me that A&P taken at a community college are NOT competitive. The courses I therefore wanted to take that ARE competitive are very conveniently online-only (through MGH IHP - with a virtual dissection module! I'm stoked.) but also $2500. Each. My PI wrote a blurb about how an anatomy sequence is highly beneficial for my work in the lab, and voila!

Hope this is useful for someone out there!


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Jan 29, 2012
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I used to work in policy compliance and regulatory affairs. All STEM, allied health, law, and business courses were reimbursed up to $5k/annual, double that with management approval. Every person working full time should ask their HR dep about education reimbursement AND the stipulations attached.

The catch for me was that I was obligated to stay at the company for 5 years unless they decided to early terminate me due to restructuring/etc. If not, I would have had to pay the company back at the pro-rated sum. Darn the aerospace sector!
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