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Jan 17, 2018
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So I found a thread a couple of years old on this topic, but the content didn't yield many answers so I was hoping to give it a second shot.

I know of 6 programs in the country:

Tulane University Program
University of Massachusetts Program
NYU Grossman School of Medicine Program
Brown University (Butler Hospital) Program
Medical University of South Carolina Program
University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center Program

I was wondering if anyone knew of the stats in the programs? Does it look like psych or neuro - or is it much higher in terms of competitiveness?
How research-based is the program - I'm a heavily research-oriented person, so I'm trying to find something in this field that can give me some clinical added with plenty of research.
What are options B and C? How does it appear if you apply to these programs and also psychiatry programs or neurology programs?

Thanks so much in advance!!!
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