[Psych residency app Q] Would it look bad if I chose to do a research block instead of psych electives during an empty block prior to my interviews?

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Oct 17, 2023
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I am currently a 3rd year and my schedule so far looks like this

[CAP Sub-I | ICU 2 weeks| Away rotation | Research | Interviews]

I basically have the option of dumping a mandatory elective until after interviews and I'm thinking of either filling it with a second away rotation (which I have been told is atypical for psych and carries risk) or I could fill it with research (or I could do a psych elective at my home program).

Would psych residencies look poorly on the fact that I did a research block instead of completing a psych elective? Would I be better served attempting to bag a second away rotation. (Desired location is Boston, targeting non-Harvard programs).

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