EPPP AATBS Materials for Sale (2018 & 2022 versions) workbooks & flashcards.

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Feb 10, 2023
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Hi everyone,
I used PrepJet, AATBS, and PsychPrep to study for the EPPP. I have the AATBS workbooks and full box of flashcards - all are intact with mild highlighting here and there. I used it privately for 3 months until I moved on to PrepJet then packed it up. These are the 2022 materials, paid $1200, asking $550. I will include ALL my practice tests and the answer keys. I will also include a study guide for how to approach the Big 6 with PrepJet - which is what helped me pass.

I also have the 2018 version, without the flashcards in a massive printed binder - almost identical material, but has notes/highlighting; nothing ridiculous - asking $150. It's all the workbooks conjoined in one binder. Happy to include my practice tests and answer keys.

Please reach out if interested. Shipping will be insane, but it's included :)


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