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Feb 16, 2013
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What is a good book to have for psych residents?

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Most programs use Kaplan and Sadock or the APA textbook of psychiatry. K&S comes in three versions. The pocket book is not enough, the synopsis is about 700 pages, or there is the monster 2 volume set. The APA is about 800 pages. The APA book is more multi-authored and has a little more redundancy. Both have good chapters on pharm, but you should supplement these with a pharm text. Everyone should read a text to start before diving into the more esoteric journal literature.
Medium K&S, like MDtriad said, for home reference. But I can't see lugging that around on wards.

I plan to use my MGH psych handbook and my stahls psychopharm app on wards. But I think I just went off reading here and online reviews, so these rec's are not battle tested.

Is there an industry standard portable handbook?
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ok thank you everyone, i'll check out the previous posts