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  1. T

    PSYD Application

    Good evening Everyone. It’s nice to be on here. Background- BSC in Psychology from the University of Lagos, Nigeria. Moved to the states in 2021 and joined the military. Getting out of the military next year. Putting in my package for the PsyD program before the end of the year. I’m...
  2. S

    PCOM George Washington PsyD

    can anyone speak to GWU and PCOM’s PsyD programs ? Which is better in terms of practicing sites and clinical training ?
  3. F

    Waitlist vs. Adler Acceptance?

    I am currently in the admissions process for PsyD programs. The only acceptance I have received so far is with Adler in Chicago. However, I just received an offer for the alternate list at Mercer University. Im conflicted because I have to give a final decision to Adler on May 19th with a...
  4. Emily Torres

    Weighing my Options for PsyD--Please share your personal advice

    Hello all, I just heard back from some PsyD programs I applied for and wanted some advice from maybe some of you who have had similar situations or may have some knowledge to share. I got accepted into Carlos Albizu University in Miami, FL and into Mercer University in Atlanta, GA. I also got...
  5. C

    Psych Scenarios (PsyD interview prompt)

    Hello!! One of the schools I received an interview for let us know that there will be a written prompt with a scenario having to do with a client & psychologist. Has anyone else had an experience/interview such as this one? Any ideas on how the questions can be worded/what the prompt can sound...
  6. B

    PhD/PsyD Admissions Advice, thank you!

    Hello, I am looking for some advice....I want to attend either a Counseling Ph.D. program or a PsyD program. Just some personal background, I just graduated with a B.S. double major in Health Science and Psychology, with a 3.9 GPA, and did decent enough the GRE. I have just about every...
  7. I

    University of Indianapolis' PsyD Program vs. Marywood University's Psyd program

    Hello! I recently got into Uindy's psyd program as well as Marywood university's and I am having a tough time choosing. Wanted to know if anyone else knew more info about these programs? Their reputations etc. Thank you in advance!
  8. T

    PsyD Admissions - Prerequisite Courses

    I am currently pursuing a master's in religious studies/theology at Yale University and plan on pursuing a PsyD after graduation. While I have a focus in pastoral care and counseling, I have not completed the prerequisite psychology courses required of PsyD applicants as I majored in an...
  9. R

    Can I get into a Psyd program with my resume?

    I am a Incoming senior at Arizona State University, looking to get a PsyD (can't get into a phd program) which PsyD programs would I be able to get into? take this into account: I am a Male and my ethnic background is hispanic Major: Psychology GPA: 3.45 currently, by the time I graduate 3.5+...
  10. D

    Non-Traditional Applicant For Psych Programs

    Hi situation is a bit odd...I graduated from UCSD in 2012 with a Bachelor’s degree in Biology (Physiology and Neuroscience)..I originally wanted to go to medical school and was a pre-med but it did not happen. Unfortunately my father became really sick and I ended up taking care...
  11. P

    Alliant PsyD SF

    I got an interview for alliant in sf for the PsyD. Can anyone tell me about their experience without interview if they have been through the process? I know everyone is gonna talk about how much they dislike alliant. Financially, my parents have it covered. Their 2017 apa match rate is 94%. I...
  12. P

    Did anyone apply to the wright institute PsyD for fall 2019?

    hi guys. It’s my first post on here. The wright institute is mt number 1 choice for PsyD. I applied for admission for the upcoming 2019 fall semester. Has anyone applied and gotten an interview yet? I thought I could start this thread so we can all update each other during this process. Hope to...
  13. M

    Linguistics masters, pursue PsyD after?

    I am a ‘mature’ (36) year old student. I’m currently completing a masters in linguistics with a lot of concentration in psycholinguistics. When I finish I would like to go into psychology and get a PsyD. My question is how can I best prepare for this? Anyone else done linguistics and gone...
  14. S

    LAST 60 CREDITS: Phd or Psyd Clin Psych Programs

    Hello, Going to be applying to schools in the fall. Haven't been able to consolidate the information on which programs (both PhD and PsyD) look at only the last 60 credit hours for the undergraduate gpa.... Bombed freshman year courses, but did well in my classes all other years. I know...
  15. E

    Roosevelt University

    Has anyone received an offer from Roosevelt University? The last update I received was on March 1st, saying that I was "still being considered" for the program. I'm getting worried because I haven't heard anything since then.
  16. C81115

    PhD/PsyD Advice requested [volunteering, etc.]

    Hi, everyone. I'm a psychology undergrad student at Rollins College in Florida, though I am willing to relocate to anywhere in the U.S. I'm looking for some advice about applying for APA accredited Psy.D/Ph.D. programs. I've spent a decent amount of time looking over these forums, so I...
  17. M

    PhD/PsyD Florida Tech Psy.D. Versus Nova Southeastern University Psy.D.

    Hey everyone. I'm new here and I honestly have never posted a thread in my life. I recently applied to both Nova and Florida Tech and so far got into Florida Tech. Nova takes a little longer to get back to people. I'm still in shock that I got into Florida Tech. If Nova were to take me and I...
  18. M

    Program recommendations with lower gpa cutoff

    Hi all, I am interested in applying to counseling Phd programs and/or PsyD programs in a couple of years and I am trying to figure out ways to strengthen my application now. My main issue is that I have a HORRIBLE undergrad gpa, 2.77 ( First year I goofed off and then junior year my S.O. was...
  19. W

    Which program you think would be more rewarding?

    I've geared my academic career towards medical school, having completed a BA in psyc last December. I'm currently taking organic chem, stats, & calc/DIY post bacc until I start my official one at Charles Drew in Aug (if I have enough under grad loans left). Need sGPA reconstruction, but I was...
  20. A

    PhD/PsyD Complete newbie on a Psyd program hunt, help needed!

    Hello members of the SDN community! I have been doing a lot of searches and read up on various posts from many knowledgable experts here, but I decided in order to more accurate information it would be best to share my own circumstances. Please help in any way you can with tips/advice/personal...
  21. ElaLii

    What are my chances?

    Hey guys, I'm applying to a Psy.D program in Fall 2016 but I want to know if my stats are good enough. If not what can I do to help my chances? I plan on taking my GRE's in the summer. Overall GPA currently: 3.4 Psych GPA: 3.8 Lab experience: A year and a half by the time I apply. I have a...
  22. T

    WAMC: What Are My Chances

    MOD NOTE: We are now going to have one thread for all of the inquiries for competitiveness, what are my chances, do I have a shot, can I get into ABC University, etc. Most of the other SDN forums have found success with having one thread, so we are going to adopt that going forward. 1. Please...