PT salary/opportunities

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Nov 8, 2009
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So, with all the PT programs being doctorate programs, what is the best way to pay off the inital debt following graduation. Has anyone participated in traveling programs? And upon graduation, what kind of money should I expect? Thank you!

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Muller, I have similar questions. I have recently applied to PT school and I am wondering if anyone knows of any debt relief programs after graduation? I'm worried that my starting salary will not be enough to get me out of a substantial financial crisis.
I don't think there are many opportunities for tuition reimbursement. If there is it seems like the amount of money is minuscule in proportion to the amount of debt. Usually these positions seem to pay less of a salary so everything is relative. I plan on just living like I'm making 30k/year for a while. First focus on paying down the private loans. I'd probably work in a skilled nursing facility or home health care upon graduation to focus on paying these loans down. You could also just sign up for a 30 year pay back plan. I personally couldn't live comfortably knowing I have this substantial amount of obligatory financial debt hanging over my head so I just plan on paying it down.