PTCAS LOR question

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Apr 4, 2011
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How do you go about getting LORs from the same people for ptcas and non ptcas schools? Do you just say here's the link for the ptcas ones and can you write me some hard copy ones as well? I'm curious on the format for the ptcas LORs and then other schools that are non PTCAS mainly St. Augstine is the only non ptcas I want to apply too.

If anyone has info on ST. Augustine's LORs format is it just letter for or more like a survey about the student?


I applied to PTCAS and non-PTCAS schools, and I asked my letter writers to fill out the non-PTCAS hardcopies first, but at the same time I let them know there would also be an electronic letter. They knew to keep their letter on their computer, so when they got the electronic one from PTCAS they were able to cut and paste it in.

St. Augustine's letter does have a survey. You can see it if you download the application from their website.

Ngozi Onyema

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Dec 1, 2011
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I'm doing this too and for the non-PTCAS school I called the school and they actually also accept the LOR through email so I gave the people doing the LOR the option of sending the LOR through email but I also gave them the address in case they preferred to send the LOR hard copy through mail.