PTCAS Observation Hours

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Jan 12, 2019
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Hi y'all!

Are PTs supposed to input our DPT Observation Hours? Or are we supposed to input it ourselves? I have the PTCAS forms for both DPTs that I observed.

Thank you!!

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I didn’t know there was a PTCAS form for it…whenever I put my hours in, there’s a spot in the online PTCAS where you input your hours and then input the point of contact for someone to verify your hours 🤷‍♂️
Sorry if that isn’t helpful for you
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Go to PTCAS > Supporting Information > Observation Hours > add observation hours

Hours will be what you calculated. The PT is NOT expected to put in your hours for you. Their job is to verify the hours you calculate and submit on PTCAS. Many programs do not accept hours that are not verified by a PT.

They have a form you can use but the easiest way is to ask for their (the PT's) email and input that into PTCAS at the very bottom of the "Add Observation Hours" tab. Then, PTCAS will send them an email to verify the hours and will be verified immediately upon completion.
the PT doesnt do anythung but verify

if you have the forms signed then i think u can upload them as a pdf for verification

otherwise do the email process other people explained