May 7, 2014
Hi All,

Was hoping someone could shed light on something I'm wondering. I've read the instructions on the PTCAS application regarding deadlines, but it's still super confusing.

Let's say a program's deadline is October 3rd, 2016. What materials would you say are absolutely necessary to have in my PTCAS application PRIOR to e-submitting it? One of the "helpful tips" on the PTCAS website is to NOT wait until PTCAS receives all of your materials to e-submit your application. But, why would I submit my application if I haven't yet taken the GRE (which I'm taking very soon), or if PTCAS hasn't yet received my official transcripts, etc.? How does this work -- do you e-submit it even if it's incomplete, and just hope that the materials arrive on time prior to the deadline?

Thanks in advance! :)


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Apr 25, 2015
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I review PTCAS applications for our program. Applicants can complete all that they can do--ie, demographic information, list courses from transcripts and grades, list institutions attended, write essays and pay the fee etc and then submit the application even though the official transcripts haven't arrived at PTCAS or the GRE test hasn't yet been completed. Your materials will catch up with your application and it will be updated after you've done your job. Your GRE test will just show as "pending" and you can submit your application and then the score just populates once you later take the test. Make sure you know the last acceptable date for the GRE and your test date should be ahead of that.

For our program, 3 OCT is the date that the applicants PTCAS application must be in a "complete" status. Meaning the applicant has done all the input on their end and paid the fee, then submitted for verification. We understand that it will take 1-4 weeks for PTCAS to verify all the transcripts after the applicant completes the application.
Hope this helps, other applicant input might be more helpful--good luck!
May 7, 2014

Apologies for the SUPER LATE response! But thank you so much! This helped to clarify things.
Currently in the process of scheduling a second attempt at the GRE prior to that Oct. 03 deadline!