Dec 9, 2012
Pre-Physical Therapy
So, I am a bit frustrated:annoyed:. I might be venting, I haven't decided yet haha. But I just got off the phone with Larry at Loma Linda University and he told me that I was on the alternate list and right now and I am waiting for those who were accepted to either to put in the deposit or not. He told me I had a stellar GPA of a 3.75 and I received a high score on the interview.

I just feel a bit disappointed. I had a later interview than others cause stupid PTCAS messed up on my transcript and delayed my application 4 weeks (PTCAS error) + 4 weeks (processing time) = 8 weeks!!!. If they have not messed up, I would of been interviewing with them on the actual interview days.+pissed+

In my human nature, I selfishly think, "Man, if things did not go wrong.. There might of been a really good chance that I would have gotten an acceptance letter."

On the brighter side of things.. Larry did tell me that since i scored high on the interview and GPA. I should be on the higher list of the alternates and that last year, they accepted about 30 people off the list.

This is my # 1 school and I have to play this waiting game again...

Another side note: Loma Linda has been great to me and nothing but helpful. I wish other schools paid this much attention to applicants and students.:thumbup:

Anyone experience this before? :confused:

Final thought: I hate you PTCAS :diebanana:

Yea.. I am venting..
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