Pushing back MCAT test date (TX Res!)

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Aug 6, 2012
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So I'm planning on taking the MCAT in May, the 17th. Pushed it back from Apr. 5th b/c of VR...but I'm also a junior in prep for finals.. The only thing is that I think I would benefit from pushing it back to June 5th or the next day.... the only problem is that I'm out of state, but I'm a TX resident, and I'm worried it will be too late. But then, the LORs from my school for the committee letter won't be sent out until the end of June, so I could take it the 5th...

Is there anyone who knows more about the process of TMDSAS? I'll probably call them, but I wanted to know from someone who may have dealt with this...I def. know it would be less stressful b/c then I could type my 15pg paper and then only have to worry about my MCAT...


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Guys, don't worry about it. I might have figured it out, but feel free to post any responses.