Mar 5, 2014
Medical Student
have kaplan qbank, as im using kaplan series to study for step 1. Was in need of some input, im studying system based, so with the kaplan q bank, im just using it to make sure that im learning the material properly, and thorough, and not just half assing it. Wont use it as much as a learning tool as i will with uworld. So with the q bank, should i make my blocks system based as im studying? or even more detailed as in, after i finish ie kidney physiology, make blocks of just renal physio, and when i do renal patho, do blocks of just renal patho, or is it better to make an overall block of Renal(anat, physio, patho, pharma etc.) Input greatly appreciated, thanks!


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Aug 20, 2012
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Probably easier to use it as a broader system based tool. It will also help with integrated learning of all the components of the system.