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Nov 8, 2008
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Just did the QR on that ADA test they post online and got most of them right (no time involved, just tested my general knowlege of the info) and #29 isn't click for some reason... I must be interpreting what the question is asking for wrong.

A Painting which is 4 ft wide and 5 ft long is surrounded by a rectangular frame 6-inches wide. What % of the area of the picture and the frame is occupied by the frame?

"frame 6-inches wide" means that the thickness of the frame is 6 inches and we simply add 4 6-inch boards of the frame to the picture, right? This is where I think I'm making the incorrect assumption....

What I did was convert 4 and 5 ft into 48 and 60 inches, found area..... then added 6 inches to each one to get 66 inches and 54 inches, found area.... subtracted the 2 areas to get area of frame and then divided area of frame by total area from 66X44 and I end up with 20% but the correct answer is 33.3%

Where did I go wrong?
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