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question about books/PDA

Discussion in 'Surgery and Surgical Subspecialties' started by NJmedstudent, Apr 11, 2007.

  1. NJmedstudent

    Nov 16, 2006
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    Medical Student

    I'm going to be doing my 4th year Sub-I's and SICU months, etc. in just a short while. I got a whopping $250 from my research program year to buy books/PDA =)
    so i'm trying to come up w/ a list of books/PDA to buy.

    a few questions:
    1) Would you recommend having a lot of programs in your PDA vs having a few handbooks in your pocket? I feel like i'm going to have major shoulder pains if I carry all the books that I need in my pocket.

    2) which PDA references do you recommend?
    Current Consult Surgery
    Surgery On Call
    Washington Manual Surgery survival guide
    Washington Manual Internship survival guide
    Washington Manual of Surgery

    3) i'm very much an outline type person; I learn better when things are organized in I, II, III, ABC, etc. rather than just paragraph form. are there particular surgery books that you would recommend for me?

    4) i will be doing a surg onc month... Many people recommended MD Anderson Oncology manual, which is mostly in paragraph form. but at the book store, I saw the Oxford Oncology book which was in outline format, and i felt like it'll be easier to look up stuff in it. the only concern... it's Oxford... it's written by UK docs and all the stats are % in England or % in Europe, etc. and i assume some practices are different in England vs USA.
    Would you recommend that I buy Oxford (i like the format much better) or MD Anderson (US authors)???

    Please reply~! THANKS!

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