Question about Clinical Research Experience

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Feb 17, 2017
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I am going to be a graduate student in a SMP type program in the fall and I am looking for clinical experience.
I have had previous clinical research experience with limited patient contact (2 different projects, 1 of which I was consenting patients, administering questionnaires and writing down qualitative experiences and it was a PAID position.

I have been emailing professors to see if they have any openings in the their labs but it may be up to a week until I hear from them or I may not even hear from them at all.

I have been interviewed for a volunteer clinical research position in the ER (underserved area) where I would consent patients, enroll them in studies and "conduct clinical research" (not sure what that means exactly.) It is 16 hours a week (volunteer) and may have the opportunity to be paid after 6 months. I would be enrolling patients in various studies as they come thru the ER. It's two 8 hour shifts a week.

My question is should I take the volunteer position or dshould I continue looking for a paid position and continue with some free health clinic/mentoring volunteering in the meantime? Would it be better to be a part of one study or build connections in the ER and be consenting for various studies??

I am worried if I'm put on one study I won't have any patient interaction and I'll be doing a lot of the paperwork etc.
Any advice would be appreciated
If you did the previous clinical research for at least 1 term, you have enough research experience for general application purposes, assuming you already understand the scientific method. I suggest you "continue with some free health clinic/mentoring volunteering" and use the extra time to study and earn great grades in your SMP. If you need to get a paid position, anything will do better than a nebulous "we might pay you after 6 months of donated time."
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The thing is I don't have that much clinical experience. I have the 2 clinical research projects (1000 hours total but limited patient interaction). I volunteer at a free health clinic which is amazing clinical exposure but I just started a few months back and won't have more than 150-200 hours by the time I apply. What should I do?
150-200 completed hours at the time of application will be fine (except at UColorado).