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Discussion in 'Pediatrics' started by sg1975, Dec 7, 2008.

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  1. sg1975

    Dec 7, 2008
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    One of my friends recently went through a really traumatic pregnancy, birth and death of her baby. I wanted to know if the hospital was being negligent.

    Here are the facts as I understand them:

    She had bilateral ovarian teratomas aka dermroid

    She was placed on bed rest because she was about 12weeks pregnant and she began hemorrhaging from where the placenta was coming unattached.

    Had surgery November 5 2008 because a previous doctors visit showed that the baby was kicking at the tumors
    . .
    Found out that the end side of her cervix was funneling which meant she was at risk for early labor.
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    Thanksgiving day she went to the hospital

    She was 23 weeks along

    The baby was 1 pound, 3 ounces

    The hospital staff said that the baby was too small and that it was cruel and inhumane to try to tube her

    This is all I know about the situation. Obviously, she wasn't really in any condition to talk about it at length. I read a bit on the internet about premies and it sounds like there was a small chance that the baby could have survived, but why didn't they do anything? My friend had to hold her baby for three hours until she died.

    Was there really nothing they could do for it? It just seems so horrible that they didn't even try to do anything. Are they negligent in any way?
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    Sorry, SDN is not to be used for soliciting legal opinions or this type of information. I strongly advise your friend to discuss these issues openly with her primary obstetrician and any other obstetrician who cared for her.

    Our sympathies to your friend for her loss. Thanks for understanding that SDN is not able to provide the information you desire.
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