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Jun 23, 2008
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As we all know, the systems section of FA is composed of anatomy, path, phys, and pharm. For those of you who used RR path and BRS phys extensively in addition to FA, did you find is necessary to read/learn the systems path and phys provided by FA or did you just rely solely on RR path and BRS phys for these sections? I'm structuring my study plan, and just trying to limit the amount of sources I use for the same material. Good luck to all those MS2s getting preped for the spring semester.



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Nov 12, 2007
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People have differing opinions, some limit their use of FA systems to anatomy & pharm, while others make use of path/phys also.

Taus' method, which is highly regarded, basically makes use of BRS on a first run through. After that FA should be enough if you have an understanding (not memorization) of the material.

RR path compliments FA, because it gives more of an explanation as to why. FA tends to be a list of facts. Using these alongside one another integrates the material nicely. Its also nice to have FA for your final memorization run through in your final week(s).

My rec, and I'm sure most others would agree, would be to use BRS for your first run through. If your getting 90% of the end of chapter questions right, you won't need to come back to it except for the rare formula or diagram.

Use FA and RR in full and through the whole process.
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