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Sep 13, 2007
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I am new to sdn, but I've been reading several posts and find them very informative. I viewed the list of MD/MBA programs, but what should one do if this is of interest to them, but the med schools that they are applying to does not have such programs? I will be applying to medical school next year, therefore I won't acutally begin until fall of 2009. My ultimate goal is to establish a private practice and felt as though pursuing an MBA may very well be beneficial for this reason. Does medical school offer any courses or specific programs regarding establishing a successful private practice? What other uses besides the great knowledge of the world of business will pursuing a MBA provide?

Oh, also, I guess another reason why I'm battling this decision on just completing my MBA now, is because I also want to obtain a MPH in Epidemiology, and have somewhat started along that path already.

Any comments, advice, or suggestions are much appreciated! Thx!:)