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Jan 5, 2004
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1.how long does anatomy last
2. for microbiology- do teh students have to make the slides themselves or is most o fthe work cut out for students whereas the slides are already made and put on to powerpoint in order to save time from students spending hours through a microscope to find what they need? all in all how bad is that class


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Jan 7, 2003
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Anatomy only lasts one semester - Fall of your M1 year and then you have Neuroanatomy Winter Semester of your M1 year. We dont have a lab for microbiology but we do for histology. You take Histology and hist lab during Fall semester and Microbiology during Winter semester of your M1 year. For histology, all of the slides are prepared and numbered. The professor (Dr. Dribin) also makes a videotape for you to watch which makes it really easy as long as you put the time in. I spent about a hour a week in histo lab actually looking through a microscope. Then, Dr. Dribin would do a review for us on the televisions and we almost always got out early. I am in Microbiology class this semester and so far it hasnt been bad, but I think we are just over half way done. I havent read any books or anything, just go to the lectures and know the notes and I have done pretty well. Some people had a hard time with the Immunology section we just finished, but I think everyone is doing well overall. Good luck.



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Oct 27, 2003
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Great post! I couldn't have said it better!

I thought I would have enjoyed having a lab w/micro b/c I am a visual learner, but I think I would have gotten tired of looking into a microscope for another semester.

1max2nv, in case you didn't know......you don't need to buy a microscope here. No one does and it is TOTALLY not necessary.
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