Question About OptomCAS

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Apr 2, 2013
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I have completed everything on OptomCAS, except my LOR have not been submitted from my instructor, optometrist, etc. Can I submit while these are still pending? I thought I read somewhere I could. Also, I have received two emails from schools with general information about their OD program. Did they get my email address from OptomCAS just by me designating them, without submitting the app?

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As far as I know, you can submit your application as long as you have designated your LORs on OptomCAS. As long as you did your part to fill in their information, you are done. It takes awhile to verify your application, so the sooner you submit, the better.

As far as the E-mails, I am going to assume they got that from the OAT.
I just took the OAT last Saturday. I thought it would take a little longer than a week to get to the schools.
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yes, you can submit your app while pending your letters. Just keep in mind your application won't be considered until everything is in. you can email the schools a copy of your unofficial transcript of your oat to speed up the process if you want. it takes a few weeks for the official score reports to send out.
Are OAT scores automatically sent out after you write it?

As long as you designated the schools when you signed up for the OAT. You might also be able to e-mail a copy of the unofficial results to the schools while they are waiting for the official results. I think it takes a couple of weeks for the schools to get the official results.