Question about Pass/Fail grade (not related to this semester or COVID-19)

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Apr 28, 2020
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Hi all,

I graduated in 2018, and I was never premed in college. I took Biochemistry pass/fail my senior year, because at the time, I thought I wanted to pursue a PhD in neuroscience or pharmacology. The class wasn’t required for those programs so I only took it to explore the material. Fast forward to now, I’ve become premed and am retaking Biochemistry for a grade (currently at an A, which I feel confident I can keep. My postbac will still use a letter grade for this semester).

My question is: should I mention anywhere in my application my reason for taking the first Biochemistry course pass/fail? If so, where?

I am being very candid in my applications about not being premed in college, and it’s clearly evidenced by the fact I took 3 pre reqs after receiving my degree. I am mostly wondering if I should be explicit about the Biochemistry retake and, if so, where the most appropriate place to do that is. Thanks!

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