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Jan 15, 2004
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Folks, anyone from Asia got into the Pharm D program in California?Great communication skills are the key for the admission. So how can I improve my communication skills in one year? Help:D . Any suggestions will be appreciated.


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Feb 12, 2004
Los Angeles
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Hi Erlow,

I'm from the pharmacy forum. Oral and written communication skills are definitely important, not only to admissions, but to the pharmacy practice in general. I would suggest taking a communications class because it is required by all the pharmacy schools in CA. Make sure you can write a decent essay for the interview with proper grammar and sentence structure. Since you have about a year of preparation time, try to do some mock interviews with friends or relatives and practice writing timed essays on various topics.

Some schools will require you to write a thoughtful essay on an ethical issue, while other schools will want you to write a summary of an article. It really depends on the school.

Good luck!
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