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Feb 10, 2005
I am curious about the admission procedure of Ross University. I am a student who didn’t do so well in my first couple of years in college (1994 & 1995). Now my transcripts show a huge dramatic up hill trend that includes only A's and a few B's (including majority of pre-reqs). I worked in PEDS ER for a year and I was a missionary for two in South America. I am not going to even bother applying to a US school but my brother is a SGU Med school student and my best friend just graduated from Ross and recommends it highly. Again, how would Ross look at a student like me?

Any positive info would be extremely grateful.

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Dec 30, 2004
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OK man,
First off this is the wrong forum so as soon as a mod reads this he or she will move it to the carribean forum.
With that can I ask what are your stats?
If they are at least borderline (~ 3.4 GPA, 25 MCAT) then you have a pretty decent chance at getting into certain med schools. If you are a URM then more so. US schools that come to mind are Drexel, Howard, Ponce and UCC in Puerto Rico. If it is at all possible then concentrate your energies into getting into those or any other US school you have a chance at getting into. Studying there is infinately better then going to Ross or St Georges in regards to Time, Money residencies and general hassles that are usually associated with being a FMG.
Now if you tried everything and are totally convinced that you want to become a physician no matter what, then by all means go to Ross. Be aware though that there are certain drawbacks you have to deal with, especially in regards to financial aid.. Do a search in the carribean forum to get an idea. If you have any questions feel free to PM me.