Question about swapping out letters of rec after submitting primary and receiving secondaries/interview invite?

Nov 1, 2019
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Quick question for anyone who knows... is it possible to change the assigned letters of rec after submitting primary and receiving secondaries and an interview invite? I have 4 letters of rec so far; 3 of them have been submitted for a long while now, but one professor (my only non-science professor writing a letter of rec) has come into some family health issues and is not able to know the exact date that her letter will be finished. I recently contacted another one of my non-science professors regarding his willingness to write a letter of rec since the other professor was taking so long, and he agreed to write one within the next 1-2 weeks. At this point, I'd like to submit whichever letter returns first and then not send the later one (so as not to hold my application back), but I didn't know if there would be a problem since the first non-sci professor's unsubmitted letter has been assigned to schools already, and those schools have sent me invitations for secondaries with one even sending me an interview invite the other day. If the 2nd professor's letter is finished soon, I'd like to replace the unsubmitted letter with that one, I just don't know if that's possible to just swap them out like that.

Hope this makes sense. Thanks in advance!


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Once a letter is assigned it cannot be swapped out. What you can do is marked letter no longer being sent. You can then have the new writer’s letter assigned. However you must ask the original writer to NOT to submit their letter. If they do, the letter will be went to school and will put you over letter max
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