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    Hello Everyone
    I have few questions about the dentistry.
    I live in Orange County, California and there are millions of dental offices out here. Whereever I go, I atleast see 2~6 dental offices in any malls. So I was wondering with that many of dental offices, how the average of dentist salary well over 100,000. I'm pretty sure not all of those offices are financially successful, but I haven't heard any stories about dental office going out of business due to the lack of money. Also, how much would 8 more schools that are opening affect the salary?
    Lastly, if you go to the private dental school, how long would it take you to repay the debts on average?
    Thank you in advance
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    Unfortunately the proposed 8 dental schools mentioned will not happen anytime soon. If they all come about, it will most likely slow down the average increase in salary for those dentists who are living in larger cities as opposed to rural communities. For your last question, averages don't really matter. You will realize that if you read about this topic that has already been discussed multiple times.
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    Dental offices survive on what is called the dentist to population ratio. When you buy a practice you find out how many people and dentists are within a certain distance of your office. The larger the ratio the more patients a dentist should have. I'm sure there are a lot of people in OC, but you are observant and some may be struggling to make good money.

    Making money in an affluent or even middle class area isn't difficult, but the more dentists there are the harder it is to attract patients.

    Going to private d school will give you at least 330k in loans. Figure on paying at least ~2200 a month for 30 years to pay it off.

    The average practice owner makes around 180k. That usually takes several years of work after school to get there. Some established practices make much more.

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