Question about Verification

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Jun 22, 2007
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Does verified/processed means “has been sent to designated schools” and you just assume they have received it? Do they receive it immediately? Or do you have to wait for an official email from each and every school saying that they received your app?

The reason I ask because I want to know when to send in secondaries that I’ve already received. I have filled out some of them but I want to make sure that the school has my primary before they receive my secondary (I hear otherwise they may throw it out)

Also, when is the appropriate time to send in LOR…is it true that you absolutely should not send them in before secondaries arrive?



"Processed" means your application has been verified and made available for the schools you designated to download. Each school has their own timing for this, but most do it multiple times daily. You are unlikely to receive an e-mail from each school simply saying, "We got your primary." First contact is often for the secondary. That said, if you've already received secondaries from schools, go ahead and mail them back as soon as you've completed them. As for LOR's, yes, you should wait to send your LORs until they are requested (typically with the secondary). Only a few schools (like UMich) explicitly tell you not to send letters before they ask. Most places won't have much of a problem with it.

Good luck!