Jul 7, 2015
Last year, i didn't know if i wanted to apply to any medical schools or take a gap year, but at the end of the cycle I sent mine in and applied to 2 schools.

My secondaries were at the last moment (feb/march), I received a generic email, sent to all applicants, of admission stats for one of them saying that only around 10% of the seats were left within the, and for the other I was sent the generic letter saying that the seats were all full within two or so weeks of submitting.

Looking at their admission data, my GPA/MCAT were equal the average matriculate + 600 clinical volunteer hours, i feel that i would be able to at least get an interview when i apply at a reasonable time. I worked full-time this entire year in a pharmacy, but did not do any volunteering.

How would i answer what i did to enhance my application? I didn't really do anything to enhance it, but i believe that timing was by far the biggest factor, but i dont want to be rejected because they thought since they didn't select me last time and i haven't done any more ECs, they should do so again.


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Jun 10, 2010
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Apply on time
Shadow a DO
Do more nonclinical service work