Question for current AZCOM students.....

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Aug 2, 2001
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Would it be beneficial/worthwhile for me to learn some biochemistry, histology, etc. before starting in the fall??? I haven't had these courses yet, and with my current job I could access some materials on these subjects with relative ease. I don't want to be behind once school starts. Just looking for your opinions. Thanks!

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I second this one, It would be nice to know what we are going to dive into in August and if there is any additional preparation we might be able to do in the meantime. Let us know if you will!!!

Remember this is advice from my own personal experience. I wanted to take biochem before I started med school, but I owned a house (in NY) and had bills to pay and it was too expensive for me to take the course. I was sorry I hadn't. I always feel that it is better to have some exposure to allow you some leeway (IOW, if you feel comfortable with say the hexose monophosphate pathway, you are reviewing when you are studying versus trying to learn it and study it at the same time). To me, I think taking the course beforehand makes it easier to understand and study. I suggested taking biochem during undergrad to a relative of mine that is now a first year in an allopathic program and she is thanking me for it now! I did not have histo in undergrad and I did not have a hard time with it. Hopefully others will share their experiences and will help you make your decision. Best of luck. :cool: :cool: :cool: