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Jan 30, 2008
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Hi, I was interviewed at NYU and I can not wait to find out about the results in December. In another interview at Tufts we were required to provide Dean's Certificate to show that there was no probation or academic issues in our records. I was wondering if NYU requires Dean's certificate too. I want to ask our dean to write a letter to Tufts and I was wondering if NYU also requires such a letter at the time of admission. If yes, then I can ask him to submit another letter to NYU even-if they have not offered any admission yet! My schools Dean's office is very very busy and it takes several months to process this letter. If I ask them now, they probably forward the letter sometimes in late February, and I don't want to loose my chances for any delay caused by my undergrad school Dean's office. If you have any information, I appreciate to share with me. Thank you!
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