Sep 11, 2015
What are your thoughts on personally performing an OR case (lap appy, cysto, etc) while also having one or more epidural infusions running on the OB unit? Is this allowed by insurers, government payers? There is a CRNA on call (30 minutes away) for emergency. Any problems with placing epidural and then leaving hospital if no apparent issues. State they can be back to hospital in under 30 minutes if needed.

I'm looking at joining a different private practice group that routinely does this and just wondering if this is routinely done in smaller community hospital settings.


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Aug 10, 2007
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It is perfectly acceptable to personally perform an OR case while covering OB epidurals. My MD only practice only staffs 1 anesthesiologist for OB on weekends so that person routinely does C/S's while covering the epidurals. Shouldn't be any different to be in a appy, chole, etc. vs. a C/S. No issues with getting paid for both in this scenario.

Leaving w/ a running epidural is a regional thing. It's not done at any hospitals in my urban area, but I know first hand of some smaller rural hospitals where this is the norm.


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Oct 17, 2007
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CRNAs place labor epidurals and stay in house until epidural dc'd. I sleep at home - the way it should be.
That's very nice, but the future seems to be exactly the opposite.