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Dec 18, 2013
I am a senior right now and I have low gpa, cGPA-3.12, sGPA-2.7; 18AA 18TS DAT (Retaking soon). I am debating on doing post-bacc or masters and I am a NJ resident, would love to go to Rutgers Dental in Newark (UMDNJ).

So I will be graduating in year 2016, and if I apply to dental school and post bacc at the same time, I will be attending post bacc during the gap year while waiting for the acceptance/rejection from the dental school. Right?
So am I suppose to apply at the same time? OR am I suppose to finish the post bacc program and then apply? (which means 2 years behind for 1 year of post bacc and 1 year of waiting for the news from the dental school) And I really don't want to fall 2 years behind.

I tried searching through the forum but couldn't find any answers and this question has been killing me as my advisors were of no help. THANK YOU!
Jun 18, 2015
Post-bacc then apply. Post-bacc is there to help you raise your GPA - without raising your GPA, there is no reason to apply.