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Question regarding Summer Courses!!!!


Full Member
May 13, 2020
  1. Pre-Medical
Hey all --

For reference below, I just finished my 2nd year.

I decided to take Genetics and Psychology over quarantine this Summer to make room for upper division courses prior to MCAT / admissions, as well as to appear more productive since all of my planned activities have been canceled. I am currently doing very well in both courses, but I am worried about how this will be perceived in admissions since I've heard that there is a stigma against summer coursework.

While technically these 2 courses are not hard requirements for the majority of medical schools (I believe only a sparse few require Psychology) and I really only took them to polish up my MCAT skillset / fulfill prereqs, I know that they are highly important courses to take prior to admission. I am worried that I have screwed myself over by taking it over the summer and subjecting myself to the possibility that an AdCom will look down on this.

I will be expanding on my genetics work with a course in Molecular Biology next Fall, and I also plan to take a Medical Sociology course to compliment my Psych course before MCAT as well, so this isn't my only exposure to genetics-related / social science coursework. I was curious what your input is (will an AdCom interpret my summer courses as a negative feature of my transcript) as well as any possible solutions to remedy my situation. Thank you so much!


Full Member
Volunteer Staff
2+ Year Member
Jul 23, 2018
  1. Medical Student
I honestly do not see a problem here at all. THey are not hard requirements, and you will further take more advanced courses anyway. I even took Organic chemistry I and II, and PHysics II in summer, and they didnt seem to care, because i had harder courses later. Dont worry about it. Just make sure you get good grades, and definitely do not do P/F on these, even if your school offers.
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