Question Regarding the "Evaluations" and "Documents" Section on the AACOMAS Application - Please Help!!!!

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Oct 20, 2019
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I was finishing up my AACOMAS application and had a question that I was hoping that you could help me with. Am I correct in assuming that I would disregard the "Evaluations" section (section where you can send requests for evaluations) in the "Supporting Information" tab since I am having a committee letter sent? Therefore, would it be most appropriate for me to select "I Am Not Adding Any Evaluations"?

Also, regarding the "Documents" section, is this section mainly for unofficial transcripts from people who have been effected by COVID-19? Would you recommend that I make copies of my awards and accomplishments and upload them in that section? If not, what type of documents are usually placed in this section? Is it best to not upload any documents to this section since I am able to get official transcripts sent from the 2 schools that I attended?

Any input on the above questions will be greatly appreciated!!!