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Grand Teton

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Aug 29, 2002
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So I have been accepted at ICO, however I am still going to interview at SCO and I previously told them that I was going to retake my OAT, however since I have been accepted I am not going to put myself through that again!! So is this a bad thing if I want to get accepted at SCO....and I still can't get a hold of ICO!! YIKES..I am just paranoid that they are going to make me retake it, and I haven't studied in the last week!! YAYAYAY...but on my letter all it said was graduate and micro!! Why am I paranoid!! Help...fill me with knowledgeable confidence!


I think that if ICO didn't specifically state it in the letter that you need to retake the OAT, for them, you don't...

However if you want to be accepted by SCO (sniff...and not be my future classmate) I think it's pretty much rolling the dice if you don't take it again. I would do it again, but that's just me and I'm neurotic. I need a neurotic smiley. I can't get them to load right now.

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