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Dec 17, 2007
Hey guys, I just finished my TMDSAS applications and now time to move onto the AADSAS applications. I have several questions regarding it.

Who deals with the recommendation letters when applying through AADSAS? I have all my letters going to Interfolio and was hoping that I don't have to make all my professors resubmit them.

I was also looking at the supplemental data and each school seems to have like a separate application fee. Do I have to pay AADSAS for each school I'm applying to and then pay each school individually another fee as well?

And when is a good date to get the AADSAS application in by? I am not really familiar with the AADSAS because none of my friends applied out of state.

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Dec 4, 2008
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i don't know much about interfolio but there were a few threads on here about that and i don't think they ever got a solid answer. You should call AADSAS and ask them about interfolio.

you are correct about the separate application fees. you have to pay AADSAS for each school as well as pay each school their own application fee so it definitely racks up.

a good date to get the AADSAS application in by is as soon as possible. the sooner you get it in, the higher your chances. don't wait around, as you might have seen on this thread, some people have already gotten interview invites so we know some schools have already started processing applications.