May 14, 2009
Dental Student
For the those of you who took the Canadian DAT, please share your experiences with me! I have the following questions but I couldn't find answers on the Canadian DAT official website!

1) For the PAT section, are there only 5 topics (Angle discrimination, form development, cubes, orthographic projections and apertures) tested? The study materials that I am using contain an additional topic called paper folding (mentally unfold paper & determine where the holes will appear on the original square) such that there are 15 questions for each of the 6 topics tested, adding up to 90 questions in the PAT section.

2) Can we use our own writing instruments? If not, are we provided with rulers for the PAT section?

3) For the soap craving section, I understand that we will be provided with the soap, craving knife, and pencils. Are we also provided with gloves? If not, can we bring our own gloves?

Thanks! Looking forward to hearing from you all soon!
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