Questions about day-to-day EP life

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Jan 28, 2023
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For those who are EP, especially those in the community and outside of big academic centers: what do your procedure days look like? I.e what is the relative proportion of devices vs atrial fibrillation/atrial flutter ablations, vs SVT ablation vs EP studies, vs VT ablations etc? Over the course of a typical week how many devices/ablations do you do? How late are procedure days?

Also for those who are EP: do you read any echos or nuclear scans? As an EP, is there any value in being echo, nuclear, or CT certified?

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I'm not EP but I'd consider at least echo. It's plentiful and can add a lot of value to the group and/or your paycheck.
just about every EP i've known and interacted with basically hates all of cardiology except EP

I know exactly zero EPs reading nukes, stresses, echoes, CT, etc.

They only seem to do clinic, lab, and maybe a few weeks of rounding.
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Being echo boarded can be helpful for community practices, we cover gen cards at a couple of small hospitals on the weekends and read echos there (like 6 max). A couple of other community jobs I looked at also had a low level echo requirement as well. No need for nuc or other imaging modalities. If you’re certain about academics then echo isn’t useful.

Regarding the day to day, it’s so variable between different jobs that it’s not generalizable.
Our EP guys sometimes read echos. I think level 2 is reasonable. Boards seem like a total waste and the few places (academics, high tertiary) that require boards to read echos likely aren’t having the EPs read them anyway. Save your time/money and don’t give these board organization a cent of your money imo.