"Gen Cards"Day-to-Day / Procedures

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Dec 29, 2016
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Hi, current IM resident hoping to go into Cards. I was wondering about what the day-to-day is like for a "Gen Cards" job in a PP setting. Would love to hear about common procedures/what a typical clinic day looks like.

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The basics are TEE, cardioversions, diagnostic Cath… all taking 5-15 min and pretty mindless.

Some older general guys in rural places can do pacers. Becoming more rare.

The general guys doing procedures of any value to anyone else are the structural imaging guys

Most places I’ve seen have them do it 1-2 days a week mixed with inpatient duties (1-3 procedures a day)
Clinic M-F while doing TEEs, stresses, reading echo, ekgs, seeing inpatients, etc. interspersed throughout the day, along with notes, phone calls, etc. I don't bother with lhc anymore and do some rhc. Call is by phone and almost never have to go in. This all can vary greatly by job.
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Excellent, thank you for your replies! Any reason why you prefer RHC / don't bother with LHC?
Also, how often is your call / do you typically stay up all night?
Call ~1x/wk. ICU/hospitalist is primary and handles a lot of things especially overnight or pushes off until next day. RHC is simple and easy enough. LHC I pass off to IC as I'm not particularly interested in it, but it's also not worth the liability, better for the patient, etc.